Our Facilities

Fontarôme has several international offices with its headquarters and primary manufacturing operations now located just outside of Milwaukee, WI. A wholly owned subsidiary, FCI SAS, located in Paris, France, provides global Customer Service, Business Development, and Warehousing.

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Headquarters (St. Francis, Wisconsin, USA)
In the early 1980s, Dr. Michel Combe set out to establish Fontarôme’s second international location when he rented a small “garage” in St. Francis, Wisconsin with only 1,000 ft2 (90 m2) of space. Then in 1984 he designed and led the construction of Fontarôme’s first building. This original facility was a mere 5,000 ft2 (460 m2) on about one acre (0.4 hectare) of property.

Those humble beginnings are a far cry from the sophisticated, multi-faceted facility that stands today, only a few blocks from the site rented by Combe.

Since the original facility was built in 1984, Fontarôme has extended the HQ and Manufacturing building several times, purchased additional adjacent property, added more R&D laboratories, equipment, warehousing, and support offices. Today, the Fontarôme headquarters campus consists of over 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2) of manufacturing/office space and over 3 acres (1.21 hectares) of contiguous land surface.

Home to an FDA-audited and approved Quality Control laboratory and a world class Quality Assurance department, Fontarôme surpasses the requirements of a mere aroma chemical manufacturing facility. With its state-of-the-art analytical, production, distillation, and other separation equipment, the company is essentially unmatched in its capabilities.